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Laurence and Umeh

skincare website design

Wordpress Website Project Information

Laurence and Umeh’s skincare website design uses Woocommerce. This was completely redesigned and I continue to provide assistance with updates and maintenance.

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Website Project Specifications

The current Woocommerce website wasn’t fit for purpose as it hadn’t been updated in years and unfortunately as is the case with many unmanaged WordPress websites, the site had been hit with tonnes of spam and was performing very badly from a technical SEO aspect. It was also completed overloaded with unnecessary plugins.

The key components and goals were to completely rebuild and to get the site stable and transactional once again.

A considerable amount of heavy-lifting work needed to be done to standardise all of L&U’s existing ecommerce products.  Canva came in very hand once again with a series of additional ecommerce product image optimisations techniques.

I added the GDPR requirements, including the cookies and privacy policy pages. A lot of domain and webhosting administration (as with all my projects) was completed too.  Cloudflare was used to improve overall security & effective management of the website’s DNS records.

Denise also wanted to be able to have an Instagram wall on her home page and I was able to provide a solution which she was very happy with.

Want to know ‘How do I create my own online skin care store?’ – Contact me today to find out more about how I can create one of the best skin care website designs for your business using WordPress & Woocommerce!

Client Feedback

Great response times and speed with getting things done. It’s great to deal with someone who just gets it. I would highly recommend.

Denise Laurence
5* Google Review
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