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Bruntsfield Sports

track and field sports website

Shopify Website Project Information

Revamp your track and field sports website with a new Shopify theme for boosted online visibility and sales. We helped Greg’s business soar with increased audience and interaction through Shopify inbox.

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Website Project Specifications

Greg’s Shopify site needed completely redesigning and was suffering with poor performance due to being overloaded with too many apps (26 to be precise). Over the years the site had also become ‘bloated’ with too many collections, a classic case of over categorisation.

I love these types of projects because it enables me to really get stuck in and Brunstfield Sports is a large site and was nicely indexed too, so all of the technical SEO had to be delicately taken care of.

It was clear from outset that I needed to use a Shopify 2.0 theme which would ultimately mean a lot less reliance on 3rd-party apps, easier updates, lots more flexibility for homepage/product and collection templates and would mean we can start using Shopify’s product metafields to enrich product data.

Any work had to be mindful of the Lightspeed Retail (X-Series) POS integration as well but I was more than happy to let Greg be the ‘master’ and forward feeds on as and when.

The search feature offered no auto-suggest and for a website with such a large inventory with minimal product filtering within the collection pages, the current site was making it really hard for visitors to find products, so a conversion breaker.  This was probably one of the fundamental reasons why there was an over reliance of collections; in turn impacting the user experience and conversion rate.

There was no option to filter or navigate by brand, this is really industry standard for a sports website and visitors would appreciate this addition.

We couldn’t even zoom product images and there was a general lack of additional images plus the overall image quality wasn’t great.

Even though BFS has nearly 900 subscribers, they weren’t sending any email campaigns and no email service provider (ESP), such as Klaviyo or Mailchimp was active. Something for us to explore more in the future.  BFS could then also take advantage of Litespeed’s Mailchimp integration.

This project involved changes the entire collections tree and some serious Google Sheet documentation.  No matter how small or large a website, or if it’s an info site or an ecommerce site.  You need to have your redirects in place.  This ensures you get a big tick in your Technical SEO checkbox and appease the search engine gods AND you don’t lose any Google Juice (That’s historical search engine rankings to you and me!)

Juggling the live site whilst developing the new, completely new navigation, taxonomy and megamenu, complete rebuild of all products and product types, housekeeping of redundant apps, customised landing pages, extensive product & collections data work

Mechanic, Auto Tag and Matrixify were essential apps (and continue to be an important part of my Shopify app stack) for this project.  With a site this large, you need to automate and be as dynamic as possible.  So I created, a Sales section, New In collection, we move all of the ‘Sold Out’s to the end of the collection automatically, those types of scheduled Shopify tasks.

I improved Greg’s unique selling propositions to mention elements like ‘Family run business with over 40 years experience’. ‘Specialists in hockey & racket sports..’  I also helped increased awareness of stock availability and /allocation from suppliers by customising the Shopify Liquid code on the product page.

I also added a sitemap page, ensured auto address completion was available in in checkout.  I added Rich Snippets (website schema, again ‘tick’ to the Technical SEO gods) throughout.

I also helped Greg to get his Google suspended merchant account lifted so we could once again start using the Google Sales channel.

Some additional tasks which developed as the site build progressed which I was really pleased about were the following:

  • Custom metafields and Liquid coding on the product page for tennis racket specs
  • Tennis string personalisation and customisation
  • Optimised his Shopify Inbox with range of ‘instant answers’ which has been invaluable

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Client Feedback

We had a vision of a rebuild project of our entire website. Spoke to Richard about the project and he had a proposal drafted and costed within days. Pleasure to work with and made everything every simple! For such a big project to be completed in under 4 weeks was amazing! Looking forward to working with RH Web Designs for foreseeable future!

Greg Nicolson (Sports Shop, Edinburgh)
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