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Website Essential Features

website essential features

Top 5 website essential features to include in your website.

If you are looking to build a new website or revamp an existing site, it can be quite a confusing and complicated process. There are many elements to consider and implementing the right ones, can be tricky.

This is why we have created a list of essential features that businesses should consider. These key elements are intended to make your website functional and effective, ensuring that it will help elevate your brand and convert visitors into customers.

Branding and Logo
Branding is an essential element that some businesses tend to overlook. However, it’s important to maintain consistency in everything that represents your business, from the domain name to the colour scheme. The images, fonts, and colours on your website should all be cohesive and reflective of your brand, creating a strong brand identity. A cohesive brand identity will help your audience recognise and remember your business, which is crucial for success. It’s essential to have a professional-looking logo that embodies your brand’s values and personality.

Mobile Optimisation
Did you know that mobile traffic comprises roughly half of all web traffic? This makes having a stellar mobile experience critical for success. If your site doesn’t load quickly or provide a user-friendly interface, you risk losing visitors. Unfortunately, they’re unlikely to return as they’ll quickly find another site that offers a better experience. With a responsive web design, your website will look and perform great across any device.

Contact Information and Social Media Links
Providing business contact information and links to your social media channels on your website is an excellent way to encourage visitors to connect with your brand. Place this information consistently at the top or bottom (header or footer) of every webpage. Also consider placing social media icons in the footer on your website. This simple strategy will encourage visitors to engage with your brand and help foster stronger relationships.

Fast Load speed
In today’s digital age, nearly everything is accessible at our fingertips. Consequently, people’s attention spans have shortened, making website load times critical in retaining visitors. According to studies, your website should load within 2-5 seconds, or you risk losing potential visitors. Having fast page loading times establishes confidence in your viewers, making it more likely for them to revisit your site. Furthermore, search engines use your page load time to rank your website compared to other competitor sites.

Adding a blog to your website can help you attract potential customers through search engine queries, such as questions related to your product or service. With the help of information from the blog, the visitor is more likely to head to the main site to shop around and leave with a positive impression of the brand for providing helpful content.

If you would like help to implement these important website musthave features mentioned above in your new successful business website build, let RHWebDesigns provide the assistance you need. Feel free to contact our team on 07896 868 618 for further information.


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