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Cover Cupboard

wedding venue dressing website

Wordpress Website Project Information

Sarah’s wedding venue dressing website was outdated and she was keen to work with a local website designer who could re-platform, redesign & provide a CMS allowing for easy updates.

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Website Project Specifications

Sarah’s Ionos website was years our of date and her relationship with her old website designer was now non-existent.

As you can appreciate, with any business which relies heavily on it’s online website, it can be quite daunting to completely rebuild a website.  This is where I excel because having worked on many, many projects like this before, I know exactly what’s required to ensure no ‘Google Juice’ or search engine ranking is lost.  If anything, I always aim high and with all my WordPress re-platforming projects, I end up delivering a website which is even more optimised for search than before!

Sarah’s primary goals were to overhaul the site structure as it had become very disjointed and she was also super-keen to update all of the wording and image content throughout the site as it was misleading and not a true reflection of the wedding venue dressing services she provides.   As mentioned above, it was also critical that no search engine ranking was lost, so a thorough mapping process took place as part of this project to see where Cover Cupboard sat in the rankings and I also took the opportunity to review many similar businesses to ensure we were competitive in similar areas.

Working extremely closely with Sarah, I retained the original brand colour scheme and typography and was able to improve the overall site structure and layout massively which has resulted in a leaner website with easier navigation and enriched images throughout the site making it a joy to use.

Some of the additional tasks involved with this project involved helping Sarah resolve some frustrating issues she was experiencing with her Facebook and Instagram social media accounts.  I restored her Google Business profile through verification and I was able to improve her calendar scheduling by introducing Calendly which is now proving invaluable to the business as Sarah now manages all of her showroom consultations successfully through it.

Once again, I couldn’t build any website without the excellent RankMath Pro plugin.  This was used to optimise all of her WordPress webpages and add schema focussing on local business SEO.

Contact me today to find out how I can build a successful wedding decor website for your business using the WordPress platform!

Client Feedback

Fantastic service, fabulous website Richard followed the brief making suggestions throughout. Quick turnaround. Would highly recommend RHWebDesigns fantastic and the website is faultless.

Sarah Firth (Wedding Venue Dressers, Torquay)
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